#edited 4 Must Haves To Make a Bengali Groom’s Wardrobe Better!

Bengali groom in Punjabi kurta fashion

Bengalis, they love their books, food and the super distinct attire during weddings. A “Tussar Silk Dhoti” and “Kurta” AKA “Punjabi” (as the Bongs call it) with a crown alike “Topor” is a charmer on any Bengali groom and with time a lot of people outside the community has been taking this particular way of […]

8 Essential Things To Know Before Hiring A Candid Wedding Photographer


To capture your special day, you would definitely like to have someone who knows what you like. It is important that you have an idea about your requirements and what your candid wedding photographer can produce. Now, if your wedding date has been decided, the first thing you can do is to contact the photographer […]

#Edited Pre Bridal Haircare Routine-10 Easy Home Remedies for Shining Hair

Bnegali bride hair care at home

Getting married? Ahh, what a feeling, all that butterfly in the tummy, the excitement to step into a new phase of  your life, and looking like a princess on your Big Day, isn’t it all that we soon to-be-brides want?  Essentially, a happy person is always a beautiful person but a little polishing can never […]

27 Exclusive Lehenga Shopping In Kolkata For Wedding & Reception


If you are wondering where to get the budget friendly lehenga shopping in Kolkata for your wedding and reception, here is the list for you. Explore the markets with good reviews and price range to suit your wedding budget. So, let’s check out the destinations for lehenga shopping in Kolkata. Palki Boutique With a range […]

(edited) Aiburobhat in a Bengali Wedding- Mind-blowing Things Wikipedia Can’t Tell You


In Bengali, “Aiburo” means bachelor and “Bhat” means rice. The word “Aiburobhat” means having “Bhat” or rice being a bachelor or ‘Aiburo’. Bengali wedding traditions are famous for its extraordinary style, and Aiburobhaat is one such tradition of feeding the bride and groom one last time, an eclectic mix of meal, as Bachelor and Bachelorette. While […]

10 Astonishing Bengali Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas

bengali wedding mandap decoration_theweddingdate

The grandeur of a marriage ceremony is pretty incomplete without the beautiful decoration. Folks love to decorate their mandap with colourful flowers, curtains and lights. However, for Bengali wedding mandap decoration, things have evolved from just being basic to thematic. Now almost every wedding are done, following a particular setting. Following the trends, here are […]

#edited 8 Popular Bengali Bridal Makeup Look For Wedding And Reception!

bengali bridal makeup look_theweddingdate

Getting ready for your special day can be a little fuss if you don’t get it planned before. One of the most essential things is the Bengali bridal makeup look. It might take hours to get ready. Be it your wedding or reception, Bengali bridal makeup tips are always blissful. You need to keep in […]

Smartly drape your designer Lehenga In Bengali Wedding.

Lehaenga-Bengali bride

Bengali wedding is rich in culture and so in outlook. Every brides prefers to wear soft, cool, breezy and smooth outfits to avoid sweat problem and many more. Wearing heavy outfits are like a nightmare for most of the brides. Everyone prefers wearing soft cool, breezy, and smooth outfits that will not stick to the […]