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10 Astonishing Bengali Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas


The grandeur of a marriage ceremony is pretty incomplete without the beautiful decoration. Folks love to decorate their mandap with colourful flowers, curtains and lights. However, for Bengali wedding mandap decoration, things have evolved from just being basic to thematic. Now almost every wedding are done, following a particular setting. Following the trends, here are a few options that can be chosen for Bengali wedding mandap decoration.

Let’s get into the details of these wedding stage decoration that is going to steal all the attention, apart from the beautiful bride!

Marigold Floral Decoration

The orange, red and yellow marigold alternatively placed as a long garland is a perfect match for the Bengali wedding floral decoration. Also, you can get these flowers within a reasonable budget. Overall, this Bengali wedding mandap decoration is sure to get your theme the perfect accent for your grand marriage.

You can also put your entire decoration with marigold garlands along with a contrasting backdrop to enhance both colours.

Rose Backdrop

What can be a better suit for a marriage ceremony than a backdrop of rose? You can keep a bright colour as your backdrop. The bunch of red roses bloomed over a yellow or white coloured curtain with a few silver coloured motifs. It will bring a different layer to your Bengali wedding mandap decoration. It is because not frequently it is being used at Bengali weddings.

Jasmine / Mogra

A complete mismatch for a colourful Bengali mandap decoration is the set of white flowers. It would be a soothing tone that every eye will capture. It can match with silver and golden undertone with the curtain all around. With the bride wrapped in red, the white will surely add an aesthetic dimension to the decoration.

Ombre Shades

A series of shade streaming down from darker hues to lighter ones can bring life to the ceremony. If you admire the bright and colourful shades for the Bengali wedding mandap decoration, these ombre shades are the one. Adding a contemporary vibe also brings life to the monotonous hues without even discarding them.

Lavish Decors

Traditional weddings have always been a justified recommendation for all generations. It has a glimpse of nostalgia and of course the unmatched elegance. You can put an effort into bright red and golden colours for decoration.

Even you can introduce life-sized chandeliers, floral decorated ceilings, heavy bridal backdrops or even rich accents consisting of bold colours as well. This Bengali wedding decor idea entirely contrasts the minimalist ideas and ensures you have a gala night while you ring your wedding bells.

Transparent Vibes

The idea of tying knots under the clear sky, a see-through stage and a natural mandap backdrop is getting popularity among all Bengali wedding mandap decoration. The aim is to produce elements that do not opaque the views.

This also enhances the natural set-up of the venue. If your backdrop displays a hint of the greenery around, your wedding pictures are going to have a mesmerizing picaresque vista.

Royal Aura

Wrapped with gold, red and other vibrant colours, these Bengali wedding decor ideas will certainly bring down the royal vibes. With grand floral decoration, the backdrop will look gorgeous.

Even this Bengali wedding pandal decoration is perfect for photographers to get the best photos for the day.

Thematic Mandap Decoration

If you want to choose a theme for your Bengali wedding mandap decoration, you can go for traditional ones, because not every modern style wedding might match the dresses for the bride’s and groom’s side people.

Also, it is better to keep the Bengali wedding stage decoration under a simple theme that is easy to replicate. Also, you need to announce the theme before shopping is getting started.

Based On A Colour

A lot of people prefer to keep a matching colour for the bride, the groom and all the people who would accompany the two. You can choose a pretty and vibrant colour, like, red, yellow, pink or even green up to some extent. Your Bengali wedding mandap decoration can also withhold the colour to make it look authentic.

However, you need to avoid choosing a few colours, especially black. It is because the colour might not seem a little inauspicious in Bengali tradition.

Forest As The Theme

With a circular arch of green ferns and other green decors, the Bengali wedding mandap decoration will also get a touch of eco-friendly designs. This will also fit in your budget. However, you need to also add a few contrasting flowers, so it does not look like a monotonous Bengali wedding flower decoration.


These are the list of a few unique and fabulous Bengali wedding mandap decoration that you can choose for. However, there is always an extra room for creativity and experiment that you can add. You just need to keep in mind that keeping things minimal and simple can also be pleasing to the eyes.

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