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8 Essential Things To Know Before Hiring A Candid Wedding Photographer


To capture your special day, you would definitely like to have someone who knows what you like. It is important that you have an idea about your requirements and what your candid wedding photographer can produce. Now, if your wedding date has been decided, the first thing you can do is to contact the photographer and ask a few basic things before hiring them directly.

So, let us know what are the possible questions you can ask before you hire your favourite wedding photographer.

Decide Your Budget

Hiring a candid wedding photographer needs to start with the most crucial spec. The budget. There is a range of budget, midrange and expensive section of candid wedding photographers available around. Decide your cost and how much you would spend on photography.

Know Their Availability

Let them know about your wedding and reception dates. Ask if they are available for these days. Also, if you want to hire them for pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoot, you can refer to the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot article from The Wedding Date.

Ask For Their Package

The wedding candid photographers have their packages fixed according to a daily basis. If you want to customize it, you can sure ask them beforehand, if it is possible. Also let them know, for how many days or hours you would need them.
Also, for videography, they might charge you with a different set of packages. Talk before you initiate the process of hiring candid photographers.

Know Their Background

It is important that you should know if the team is working with freelancers, or they have a fixed team. With freelancers, their budget as well as quality of work may vary, but with fixed candid wedding photographers, they would have all their photos clicked in a consistent way.

Ask for Their Previous Work

If you are hiring newcomers in the photography industry, then their work might not be up to the mark. However, there are a few teams that work undeniably good, even if their charges are pretty less. Make sure you ask them to show their work before you hire your candid wedding photographers.
Pic courtesy: Chitro Golpo

Get The Number Of People Working

The team can have people of around 4-5 candid wedding photographers, depending on the area of your wedding ceremony. But you need to know the exact number, so you can calculate the budget and also, count for the number of plates per head.

Details Of Their Gear

A few things you need to list down, so you know they don’t compromise with their equipment and gears for your wedding and reception. You need to know things like

Lens details
wedding camera & lens

50 mm

50 mm lens is mainly used for getting a depth of field which is pretty shallow. Depth of field, in this case, refers to the power to draw the focus on the subject and blur the background, which is also known as bokeh. It is generally considered for portrait photography.

24 mm to 70 mm

24 mm to 70 mm basically measures the closer things more prominently. If you have a smaller space especially when the rituals are going on, this lens can help with it.

16 mm to 35 mm

For your best shot of the venue, lighting, decoration and other aspects, the series of lens ranging from 16 to 35 mm are the best suit.


Unlike the wide angle lens, 85 mm does not distort the quality. Also, it keeps the image crisp and smooth.

100 mm macro

Used for more detailed shots, with better Depth of field.

Wide-angle lens

As the name suggests, you can cover a wide area if you are clicking with a wide-angle lens. This is used when there is a lot to cover in just one frame.

Fish-eye lens

This lens is not usually used for marriage ceremony. However, they can capture even a wider range. If you have a destination wedding with an exotic backdrop, your candid wedding photographer can use it to enhance the image.

Ask For Their Backup Plan

It is also important to know if anything on the wedding day goes as per their plan, what backup plan they are keeping. Since, there can be technical glitches that can happen anytime, they need to stay equipped with other alternatives.

So here we have learned about all the essential specs to know before you go for hiring a candid wedding photographer for your special day.

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