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8 Popular Bengali Bridal Makeup Look For Wedding And Reception!


Getting ready for your special day can be a little fuss if you don’t get it planned before. One of the most essential things is the Bengali bridal makeup look. It might take hours to get ready. Be it your wedding or reception, Bengali bridal makeup tips are always blissful.

You need to keep in mind to maintain a balance between what you dress and what you put on your face. This is why it is better to select Bengali bridal makeup and hairstyle that you would prefer. If confusion prevails, you can refer to the Bengali bridal makeup look enlisted below.

The traditional look

Reshmi’s Makeover

A lot of people prefer sticking to the base when it comes to the Bengali bridal makeup look. A heavy tinge of traditionalism can be traced to the way the makeup is done. Although there would not be any heavy, glittery parts invading, it will still be impactful.

Keeping it minimal

It is obvious that people do love their Bengali bridal makeup look to be gorgeous and elegant. However, if you want something different to what people usually prefer, settle for the least makeup. This does not mean you will not do any. But it will have touches from a ‘no-makeup makeup look’. You can even get a nude look for the base along with a bold lipstick.

Away from the mainstream

Makeup artist: Susmita makeover artistry

If you want Bengali bridal makeup to make a difference, you need something unique. Instead of the regular saree and puffed up hair, settle for a lehenga. Also, the dupatta can be spread on the head, instead of your body to get the perfect accent.

Keep it simple

There is no match for anything which can be kept simple in the world full of adding more sugar to the honey. If you can keep your dress up and makeup simple and elegant, you will get one of the best Bengali bridal makeup looks. It kind of makeup will always hold room for soothing eyes.

The eyes, chico…

Reshmi’s Makeover

Highlighting just one feature o your face for your Bengali bridal makeup look will embolden your appearance. You can ask your makeup artist to highlight your eyes. Be it smokey or bold makeup for eyes, they need to be in focus. It can suit perfectly with your Bengali bridal makeup and hair.

The gorgeous glee

Now we come to the part, that almost every bride dreams of. A makeover, instead of a simple Bengali bridal makeup look. You can expect to look at all the different from what you look at every day. However, your skin will have to bear heavy cosmetics to carry the Bengali bridal makeup for the reception as well as the wedding.

Explore the radiance

Reshmi’s Makeover

With all glittery and shiny Bengali bridal makeup look, you can expect to steal the show, all night. Just step on the contrasting colours, with the heavy and warm tone in your bridal makeup to establish your makeup. You can wear a pearl-beaded dupatta and designer blouse to keep it a little different.

Golden Fleece

Reshmi’s Makeover

If your bridal dress-up has been wrapped with a lot of jewellery, then it would be better if you can ditch the extra makeup off your face. An amazing balance will be put between the Bengali bridal makeup look and the jewellery. However, make sure your saree does not get any heavy embroidery, else it might look a little too much for your wedding.

You can always get a trial makeup done before getting directly into your Bengali bridal makeup look for wedding and reception. It is essential to organize everything because you don’t want to keep it for the last minute and mess up.

Author: Baishali

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