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Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Bridal Mehendi Design


Mehendi is an essential element of Indian customs. Be it any occasion or festival, Indian women of all ages adorn themselves with Mehendi. You must have seen a dazzling Indian bride in exquisite jewellery, majestic sarees or lehengas and detailed Mehendi design on her hands and feet. It is an intrinsic part of Indian customs. 

As a child, the excitement of going to my neighbour’s house to get Mehendi done on my hands for a special occasion was surreal. Be it a cousin’s wedding, school annual day or even Diwali celebrations, Mehendi has always been a significant part of it all. 

Indians always celebrate every small and big occasion with great vigour and excitement. After all, we are known as very celebratory people. We never miss out on a chance to get decked up and make a merry. For women in India, a stunning Mehendi painted on our hands is a part of that celebration. 

Mehendi designs and trends have also changed significantly with changing times. Bridal Mehendi artists experiment with new Mehendi designs, the outcomes of which are fabulous. We bring you some of the most trending designs of 2020.

Mehendi Design in hand negali wedding
Pics courtesy: Ringels henna
  • Minimalist Mehendi designs :

If you are someone who does not like too gaudy and loud designs, minimalist designs are the way to go. These are simple yet elegant and gives a sophisticated touch. 

  • Half hand mandala mehendi design :

Mandala designs have always been a favourite amongst Mehendi artists. Mandala is a geometric diagram of the universe. 

This particular Mehendi design is for the back of your hand and looks simple yet very elegant. As they say, less is the new more. 

  • Conventional Mehendi Design :

This design is my personal favourite because of it’s sheer neat nature. This design is composed of conventional Mehendi motifs like leaves and mandalas and appear well detailed. 

  • Pretty Bel-Art :

Back in the day, the go-to design for all young girls was the pretty diagonal design of bel-art. These are extremely simple but true to its name, very pretty looking. These are perfect Mehendi designs for kids. 

  • Heavy Work :

Heavy work designs are a hit amongst many women because of its gorgeous design work. This design is made of paisley patterns and is adorned by many women for a special occasion. 

Photo Courtesy: NS Mehendi Artist
  • Full hand Arabic design :

Floral motifs, spaces and strokes give this design charm of its own. The full hand Arabic Mehendi design extends up to the elbows and covers most of the hand part while leaving some space, making it look neat at the same time. The blend of different motifs with bold designs makes it look breathtaking. 

  • Traditional Peacock design :

Peacock designs are loved by many because of its style and grandeur. Peacock and flower motifs blended, this Mehendi design is for full hands and will surely make heads turn. 

  • Bold work designs :

These designs have thicker strokes and patterns that give a bold look. Mostly adored by Brides, these designs are a must-try.

  • Traditional Rangoli Pattern :

Have you ever thought of designing your Mehendi like a rangoli? If not then you must because this design looks nothing but beautiful. This rangoli inspired Mehendi design if for the front of your hand. 

  1. Bouquet of Roses design :

Flower patterns and motifs never go out of style. This design is a mixture of different floral patterns and designs for both sides of your hands. They are well detailed and looks very feminine. One can never go wrong with a floral design. 

  1. Eccentric Domes Mehendi :

This Arabic design represents majestic dome structures and gives a royal look and feel. 

  1. Adjoined Chakras :

A chakra is a wheel, significant in Hinduism. Adjoined chakra designs underlined with floral patterns and detailing, make it a favourite amongst many. 

With the festive season around the corner, we are already prepping up for it. Though the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has restricted our celebrations this year, us Indians still would celebrate all the upcoming festivals with great zest and of course safety. 

Who said we can’t dress up and adorn ourselves with beautiful Mehendi designs if we don’t go out? Well, this year lets celebrate differently. I say, we deck up, try new Mehendi designs and celebrate within the comfort of our own homes with our families. 

Mehendi can never go out of style. Apart from these designs mentioned above, there are other many designs that you can try. Tell us your favourite designs so we can also try that out the next time. 

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