A Bengali wedding often referred to as ‘Biye’, is nothing but a visual treat. Dressed in a beautiful red Banarasi saree, a bright red bindi with fresh sandalwood dots all over her brows and dramatic eyes! The Bengali bride steps into the beautiful bond of marriage adorned in traditional Bengali bridal jewelry.
When it comes to selecting the perfect Bengali wedding jewelry, you can’t help but admire all! The Bong bride looks ravishing in her traditional gold bridal jewelry sets, designer paati har (necklace), the tiara, jhumkas (earrings), bala, shakha, pola (bangles), nath (big sized nose ring), chik (choker) and tikli (maang tika).
So, if you want to get married in the traditional Bengali style, here are a few tips on your jewelry selection. The graceful designs, the ‘Bong Bodhu’ attire, the traditional wedding jewelries – all these add a touch of ‘Bangaliyana’ to your beautiful bridal look.

Bengali Bride wearing traditional Bridal Jewelry
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Paati Haar (Necklace)

The intricately designed ‘Paati Haar’ or necklace delicately sits on the neck of the dazzling Bengali ‘bodhu’, matching perfectly with her beautiful Banarasi saree. When talking about necklaces, the ‘Paati Haar’ is mainly a piece of age-old traditional jewelry that is passed on by the grandmothers or mothers to the next generation. Adorned in the beautiful gold jewelries, the enchanting Bengali bride looks nothing less than a beautiful Indian Goddess.

Bengali Wedding Jewelry Tiara

The Tiara is mainly inspired by the Victorian era, which keeps the veil of the Bong bride at place. It adds a touch of elegance to the new Bengali ‘Bodhu’, giving her a royal look. So, if you want to add a royal touch to your ‘Bong Bodhu’ persona, you should certainly opt for this elegant piece of jewelry for your D-day!

Jhumkas (Earrings)

Call them ‘Jhumka’ or ‘Jhumko’, the traditional pair of earrings have their very own charm! The three-layered, chandelier earrings, floral jewelry sets in gold – are all to die for. The expertly crafted traditional gold pair beautifully completes the look of a pretty Bengali bride. So, next time you go for jewelry shopping, make sure to add a pair of stunning Bengali style ‘Jhumka’.

Jhumko traditional jewellery
Pic courtesy: Subho photo story maker

Bala (Bangles)

The Bengali ‘bodhu’ look is never complete without some thick golden bangles worn in both the hands! The traditional gold Bracelets, Noa, Shakha, Pola, Ratanchur – are all beautiful pieces of jewelries covering the bride’s hands, gracefully.

Shakha, Pola (Conch Shell and Coral Bangles)

The most fundamental parts of Bengali bridal jewelry, Shakha and Pola are supposed to be worn by the Bengali ‘bodhus’ throughout their marital life. The white and red bangles, with added gold work and craftsmanship, are worn during ‘Nandi Mukh’ amidst the customs and rituals. The two bangles are an integral part of the brides’ wedding trousseau!

Bengali bride jewelry shankha pola

Nath (Big sized nose ring)

As the name suggests, ‘Nath’ is a big sized nose ring worn by the Bengali ‘Bodhu’. Most of the Bengalis consider this magnificent piece of jewelry to be an integral part of their culture and wedding. The staple jewelry for all Bengali occasions reflects the traditional elegance and perfection!

Bridal Jewelry Chik (choker)

The sleek and stylish Choker often referred to as ‘Chik’, is an absolute must-have for all Bengali ‘Bodhu’. The finely crafted traditional choker perfectly fits around the bride’s neck. Studded with peals, red or green stones, the gold choker injects an effortlessly enigmatic charisma to the bride’s overall look.

Tikli (Maang Tika)

Often referred to as ‘Maang Tika’, the Tikli is yet another magnificent piece of Bong wedding jewelry with a large pendant in front. Intricately crafted and studded with precious stones and gold, the elegant forehead jewelry gives the bride a fuller look, while hiding her forehead beautifully.

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Pic courtesy: Subho photo story maker


A Bengali bride never fails to flaunt her engagement ring on her D-Day! Studded with stones, a gold ring is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a promise made by the stunning bride’s partner. Be it their exquisite cuts or the ever-glowing charm, the engagement gold, and stone-studded rings look flattering around the ‘aalta’ laden ring fingers of the new brides.

Following the ‘Bou Bhaat’, commonly known as the Reception Night, the modern Bengali brides prefer ditching the traditional jewelries and clad themselves in stunning Kundan or Diamond jewelry sets, large Chandbalis, contemporary bangles or a modish bracelet, teamed up with minimal makeup. With a braided bun and strands of loose soft curls, the dazzling ‘Modern Bengali Bodhu’ keeps her Reception look elegant and sophisticated. Also, one can don a fancy ‘Kamarbandh’ a bit above the waist for a complete look!

Be it their beauty or sheer elegance, the Bengali ‘Bodhu’ is just a true depiction of Bengali culture. The simplistic charm, traditional look has not changed much in the past few decades. The rich look, clad in Banarasi, traditional gold jewelry sets, ‘aalta’ laden feet and palms – all make the Bengali brides surreally beautiful.

Apart from the above jewelry sets, there are other pieces of gold jewelry like armlets, hand trinkets, anklets, and hair pins that depict the unique craftsmanship of Bengal jewelers. So, if you got smitten by the Bengali bridal avatar, feel free to try the looks, and yes, share your comments.

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