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A perfect guide to Bengali groom reception outfit ideas


Bengali weddings are often known for its unique blend of traditional and modern customs. In a Bengali ‘biye’, the reception is the 3rd day of the wedding, which in Bengali is referred to as the ‘boubhat’. While the Bengali brides dazzle the night off in their exquisite benarasi sarees, the Bengali grooms too, do not lag far behind when it comes to fashion.

Bengali grooms or often referred to in Bengali,the ‘Bors’ have a unique sense of style and that style is reflected in their wedding groom dress. Since, receptions mostly mean to greet and meet people with a big smile on, the Bengali grooms often go for something which is comfortable yet very stylish. The bong grooms look their best in dhoti Panjabi or a very stylish pair of wedding sherwani. So, if you are looking for ideas to look your best on your D-day, here are a few reception dress for groom ideas for you.

Bengali groom in kurta Punjabi
Pic courtesy: Frolic Frames

Dhuti Punjabi

Dhuti Punjabi is a traditional Bengali groom dress and is very a popular choice of most bong grooms for their reception day. For most modern Bengali bridegroom, a designer Punjabi paired with a simple yet elegant pair of dhuti, makes for the perfect reception outfit.

Suits for bengali groom

Bengalis are known as people who are a mix of traditional and modern beliefs. This is true when it comes to fashion as well. Modern Bengali men are often seen in finely tailored suits that give them the look of a royal groom.


Intricately designed wedding sherwanis are a hit amongst bong grooms. A fine, designer sherwani is loved by many Bengali grooms. The detailed thread work and the bright colors accentuate the groom’s look.

Bengali grooms never miss a chance to impress with their reception outfits. Their simplistic yet sophisticated style is nothing short of a visual treat. If you are also prepping up for your big day, consider these amazing ideas.

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